What information need the Housepainter To Get a Right Quote?

This morning I talked with a customer who did not yet have the keys to his house (being a new apartment and not yet delivered) but had very clear ideas about the housepainting of his new house.

After he send me the floor plan of the apartment by e-mail, I asked him to give me, therefore, the following guidelines to develop a correct quote of the work to be performed:

  • in the case of painting, I asked him to tell me, for each room, the type of material (breathable, washable or no.washable) and color (white, soft or strong) he had thought;
  • in the case of wall decoration (haze, or troweled Venetian plaster) I asked him to show me instead the surface of the walls to be painted.

Easy is not it? I am at your disposal!


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