Electric Blue Paint for a Bedroom in Agliate (Milan)!

Mulfari Felice Imbiancature

Hello everyone!

A short post to share with you the satisfaction of having just finished the blue elettric painting for a bedroom in Agliate, in the province of Monza and Brianza.

The color chosen by Josephine, my customer friendly, was a beautiful electric blue (collection Gioia).

What do you think?

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What information need the Housepainter To Get a Right Quote?

This morning I talked with a customer who did not yet have the keys to his house (being a new apartment and not yet delivered) but had very clear ideas about the housepainting of his new house.

After he send me the floor plan of the apartment by e-mail, I asked him to give me, therefore, the following guidelines to develop a correct quote of the work to be performed:

  • in the case of painting, I asked him to tell me, for each room, the type of material (breathable, washable or no.washable) and color (white, soft or strong) he had thought;
  • in the case of wall decoration (haze, or troweled Venetian plaster) I asked him to show me instead the surface of the walls to be painted.

Easy is not it? I am at your disposal!

Glittered Decoration for a Living Room in Cesano Maderno (Milan)!

Paint Decoration

Hello everyone!

A short post to share with you the satisfaction of having completed the glittered decoration for the walls in the living room of an apartment in Cesano Maderno.

As you can see in the photo, we have chosen a pink glittered tint with the snowing effect, a color that goes very well with light walnut furniture.

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Want to Eliminate Mold from Walls? Here’s How!

Hello everyone!

A short post to give you two pieces of advice on how to treat the mold that occurs on the walls, as a result of infiltration of water from the roof, and repaint your room.

Here is the procedure:

  • pour a bit of bleach in a bucket and with a brush spread it on parts of the wall deteriorated;

  • let dry the treated wall;
  • give two coats of water-based anti-mold paint (available at any specialist paint) on the walls.

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The 3 Secrets for Painting a Heater in a Professional Way!

Good evening!

Today I was engaged, among other things, with the painting of some heater in an apartment in Vedano Brianza (Milan).

So I thought to share with you how to paint a heater in a professional manner:

  • with paper glass granulating 100 (available at any specialist shop), you pass the elements of the heater in a light way: the objective is to move a little paint applied earlier to make sure that the new paint (which will go to apply) attacks well;

  • then sprinkle with a clean brush the dust that is created;

  •  finally proceed to paint the heater: I suggest you to use the odorless water-based paint sold in any specialist shop and paint the heater with two hands.

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Whitening wood beams in a Apartment in Cernusco!

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Wood Beams whitening


Good morning!

A short post to share with you the satisfaction of having just completed the whitening of a wooden beams in an attic apartment in Cernusco.

I had to apply two hands of paint marked Sikkens in the bedroom and three hands in the living room (due to the higher porosity of the wood) to get a job done in a professional manner.

As you can see in the photo, the customer has chosen the painting of the walls of light-green color that goes very well with the hue of the white beams!

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